Who Would Have Thought?

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Who Would Have Thought?

I’ve been studying and participating in politics since the 1960s, and this presidential cycle and political era  is proving to be not only unpredictable but also stunning. Maybe even culture changing.

Think about it. At least thus far, political parties’ influence is crumbling with both party establishments quaking about the implications of their voters’ choices. There is a possibility the match up will be a democratic socialist and a TV show guy. And it is being caused greatly because Americans are turning away from past channels of information and toward new media. Donald Trump, the richest of all candidates, has used largely free earned media to move his message. And Bernie Sanders raised $6 million on the night of New Hampshire with a free earned media plea. It’s a new, uncertain day.

Just to nail this down, last night I went to sleep at 1:00 a.m. listening to a live stream cell phone conference call patched together for the world to hear in real time by a YouTube guy in the state of Washington involving the four Oregon militia holdouts camped in a rural parking lot encircled by heavily armed FBI agents, everyone screaming back and forth, with me and about 60,000 others listening to that and their intermittent conversation with some assembly woman from Nevada who lead them in prayer. Like being drawn to train wreck carnage, I couldn’t turn it off even though I had no political sympathy for the right wingers.

It’s a new day I could never have imagined.