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How Dangerous Is Trump To Our National Security – EP 223

We promote the Whispering Beard Folk Festival and Maria’s part in it!!

Jene saw Jerry’s first cool car at a car show on Sunday.

Do younger people even give a crap about cars these days?

Jene saw a commercial for The Judge Jerry Show the other day. Jerry, are you excited?

Jerry’s rant: How dangerous is Trump to our national security?

Musical guest: Robert Lowell

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What Are The Consequences If Trump Is Re-elected? – EP 222

Show opens with a new commercial for Jene Galvin’s Verbal Realignment Seminar. (Oh goody!)

Jene reads a few of the thousands of emails about his recent lie to Maria and Jerry.

We promote the Whispering Beard Folk Festival and Maria’s part in it!!

Jerry’s rant. What are the consequences if Trump is re-elected?

Musical guest Robert Lowell

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Beyond Our President, Is Racism Systemic? – EP221

We ask Maria about her musical touring at the moment. For example, she was in Elkins, West Virginia last weekend, and Jene and Jerry and their wives once skied in that area. Jerry was amazing. “Damned aggressive, but a little short on style.”

Maria’s first volume of Tinder Chronicles is on Youtube.

We ask Jerry to tell us about the production work of Judge Jerry, which will soon debut on air.

Jerry’s rant: Beyond Our President, is Racism Systemic?

Musical guest: Adam Lee

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Civil War Within the Democratic Party? – EP 220

Jene was camping last weekend and he had the most incredible experience Saturday night that he wants to share. Truly incredible!

Jerry’s rant: Is civil war rearing up within the Democratic Party?

Musical Guest: Beth Chrisman

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How Trump Holds onto 40% of the American Voters – Ep. 219

Jene saw a music video of Maria’s song The Strings On My Guitar. That’s some damn good writing. Maria, what’s your process for your song writing? Words first, music second? Or something else? She has her own process.

The group talk about how a songwriter could possibly get their songs recorded by a major artist.

Are we all ready for the NEW Whispering Beard Folk Festival? Maria, you’re performing there, right? Will you call Jerry up on stage to do Banks of the Ohio?

Jerry’s rant: How Trump holds onto 40% of the American voters.

Music: The Wine Tree

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Trump’s 4th of July Military Parade Is a Celebration of Himself! – EP 218

Jerry criticizes Jene “Mister I can do anything outdoors Galvin” for wrecking his bike on the last leg of the ride from Portsmouth, Ohio, to Louisville, Kentucky. Four miles from the end of a 250 mile journey, and Down Goes Frazier!

Jerry is getting a new bike himself and is worried he’ll crash it, even though he won’t be taking any 250 mile rides.

Jerry’s rant: Trump’s July 4th Military Parade is a celebration of himself. (Who knew!)

Musical guest: The Wine Tree

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Bernie Sanders and the socialist Democratic Movement – EP 217

Jene is the lead biker for the Ohio River Recreational Trail. Canoeists and cyclists are digitally mapping the 250 mile trail from Cincinnati to Louisville. Special guests to talk about the trail are Brewster Rhoads and Dr. David Wicks.

Jerry’s rant: Bernie Sanders and the socialist Democratic Movement.Musical guest:

Chelsea Nolan

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Should Special Counsel Mueller Testify? – EP 216

Jerry is unable to get a ride to the podcast so his assistant puts the Uber app on his flip phone. Of course that doesn’t automatically mean Jerry knows anything about Uber.

Jene suggests Jerry make some extra money by opening his home to strangers coming by to take a shower using the Warm Showers app. Flushing Toilets app?

Music guest Chelsea Nolan works as a D.J. for Tradio where callers can barter with one another with oddball requests. Bean poles anyone? Including requests for rides. Perhaps a piggyback ride service called Goober?

Jerry’s rant: Should Special Counsel Mueller Testify? Mueller?…Mueller?…

Musical guest: Chelsea Nolan

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