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Jerry Runs with The Bulls – EP 261

We ask Jerry how he did with last Thursday’s “24-hour hiker’s challenge.” Jene, along with his wife, walked 27 miles from 9:00 am Thursday to 9:00 am Friday morning. Jerry, how many miles did you walk?

Jerry tells how he hung out with the Championship Bulls in Chicago.

The Dems must become a big tent party to win in November.

musical guest: Casey Campbell

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Incompetent Buffoons Run Our Government: EP-260

Jene asks if Jerry will join him on a 24-hour challenge starting Thursday morning, an activity aimed at showing respect to all of the essential workers who have toiled daily to keep our lives going in quarantine.

Jerry and Jene ask Maria and Casey when they think music venues will be getting back to normal and how they think formats may change.

Our security, survival, and recovery are in the hands of incompetent buffoons who have turned our government into a third rate reality show.

Maria introduces our musical guest, Casey Campbell, and we hear a song from him.

Casey takes us out on Down by the Riverside

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Lockdown Protesters Carry Guns and Confederate Flags – Ep. 259

We introduce Jerry to Tik Tok by having on a Tik Tok phenom who posted a video of a weird “new home feature” they discovered in Utah, where behind a lower cabinet in the kitchen is an opening of a tubular slide that goes to their basement where there is a climbing wall. The video has gotten ten million views so far. The poster is Julia Graef, and she will be our guest.

Musical guest Casey Campbell performs and talks about his “from home” performing activities.

Jerry’s rant:   Lockdown protester’s rally with guns and confederate flags.

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Trump and McConnell Attack States During Shutdown – EP 258

How’s Jerry spending his time … media interviews? United Way promo? Exercising? Food he’s preparing and eating? Playing his guitar. Working on his house with home improvements built by him???

Similar questions to Maria about life in quarantine. Jene made his own microphone stand and is starting a You Tube channel called Screen Door’s tips for older backpackers.

We promote Casey’s Sunday Morning Sing Alongs seen and heard on Facebook live.

Have any of us had any luck putting Clorox or Lysol into our bodies?

Jerry’s Rant: Trump and McConnell Attack States During Shutdown

Musical guest: Maria Carrelli

Stay safe! Stay sane!

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What Lessons Are We Learning from Coronavirus – EP: 257

Our interview guest is Jessica “trail name Dixie” Mills. Jessica is a Triple Crown backpacker and YouTube celebrity who will join me in trying to get Jerry to do something remarkable before he’s finally too old to try, which might be in a few months.

Then we’ll chat with Jessica about her dramatic backpack trips, all captured on YouTube, and her work as a backcountry blogger and influencer. That’ll lead to Jene suggesting to Jerry that he let Jessica guide us on the final 30-mile section of the Continental Divide Trail in Montana’s Glacier National Park that she had to bypass due to whiteout snow conditions. We’ll claim that this is Jerry’s chance to experience safely what can’t be seen from a car window and have a backcountry blast in the process.

Then Jene will ask Jerry to comment on what we’re learning from this pandemic of COVID-19.

Music by the lovely and talented Maria Carrelli.

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COVID-19 and the Failures of Trump

We open with talk about life in quarantine. And we joke about how each is handling it. Huge props to the heroes of this crisis: health workers, food supply people, delivery people, cleaning people, etc. It’s funny. Suddenly workers are more important than CEOs.

Then we’ll talk with Maria about the challenges for singer/song writers whose lives have been savaged by this situation, both her performing and part time jobs. We’ll ask her how she and her friends are adapting, like online performing.

Jerry’s rant will obviously relate to the situation and supposed leadership from President Trump.

Music by Tales, Tunes and Tomfoolery’s own Maria Carelli.

Stay Safe! Stay Sane!

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The US Government’s Response to the Pandemic – EP 255

Jene pleads with some listener to write him a real email at so he can stop being charged with writing fake ones.

Jene chides Jerry and Maria for never reading his weekly rundowns of the show.

Jerry’s rant: The US Government’s Response to the Pandemic

Musical guest: Ricky Nye

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Will America Ever Vote for a Woman President? – EP 254

Jene starts us off, talking about his annual trip to New York with Jerry and their wives…

We recently saw Six, the musical (the six wives of Henry VIII), and it was amazing. It’s likely to become one of America’s Broadway hits. Also, on our visit to NYC, we learned that Jerry still has it in Kew Gardens. I’m going to push for his old building to change its name from the Roger Williams to the Jerry Springer. (It will likely take a vote of the coop’s board.)

Jerry’s rant: Will America ever vote for a woman for President?

Musical guest: Ricky Nye

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