Pick a Penis?

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Pick a Penis?

OMG, just when I thought the Republican primaries couldn’t get any funnier, I watched grown men, one a US senator, the other a billionaire entrepreneur, suggest during a televised debate that the nomination should be decided according to a measurement of their ding dongs. And what better platform for such inane jabber than Fox News. You know. “We report. You decide.”

Clearly, this is the most interesting presidential cycle maybe in history what with new media, sagging  political institutions and a whacky Republican electorate hell bent on changing their party forever, maybe even killing it. Can we know today the outcome? I don’t think so. But just doing the math, it looks like the royal fools ball will come this summer in Cleveland where the best damn Jerry Springer Show you’ve seen since college will take place at a locked up, stormy Republican convention. I can’t wait.