Make Them Hear You

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Make Them Hear You

I had the great pleasure of being there for the podcast with David Fankhauser.  I didn’t really participate on air, as there simply wasn’t much I could add to his inspiring story. But I got to be there. I got to sit next to this man who helped shape a part of our history.  And it was exciting. He is exciting and his energy is infectious.  I sat there imagining this man, now a UC Professor as a 19 year old kid.  I thought about the decisions I made at 19, (none of which were inspired, I can assure you) and what impact they had on my life. (Not much, thankfully.)

As you can hear on the podcast, his story is vivid and alive. And once the music starts, you are transported. I love hearing that room come alive. As cool as it sounds online, I wish anyone reading this could have been there. The words were simple. But the sound made by the group gathered was alive and powerful.  And it was infectious.  Looking around at the people there that evening, you got the feeling this is the sort of thing that everyone in attendance will remember.  We were united. We were there for one cause. We were there to keep this story alive and more importantly, to pass it on to the next generation.  I think, for our small part, we succeeded. This is a story I will tell my niece.  The story of how our Nation, in 1961 was still divided and that people had had enough. And that through the actions of people like David Fankhauser and other brave men and women, the Nation changed. We aren’t perfect, and when my niece is old enough to understand this story, I’m positive we won’t be perfect then either. But the story will be told and the music will be shared. Again and again and again.  I can’t tell you how humbled I am to be given the task of continuing the legacy.

“Go out and tell the story, make it echo far and wide. Make them hear you”