Jonathan Butler and Mizzou Football Team Show Old School Power

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Jonathan Butler and Mizzou Football Team Show Old School Power

It’s the stuff of the 1960s. A handful of college kids, whose moral compasses are both true and brass, stand up to power not with violence but with brains and old fashion political organization.

When their college president, Tim Wolfe, repeatedly showed racial tone deafness, an inexcusable sin for the leader of a higher education institution, a lone grad student by the name of Jonathan Butler began a hunger strike denying sustenance until Wolfe departed. Alone, he might not have had the political muscle to win his goal. Then enter the African American members of the University of Missouri football team, who committed to staying off the gridiron until Wolfe either was removed or resigned. The final injection of student power came when the rest of the team, supported by their coach, used the new media tool Twitter to show their solidarity with Butler. And bam, the next morning Wolfe was gone.

Too often people say, and I admit I have a time or two, that college kids today are too self absorbed to see, much less fight, injustice. Let the intelligent, powerful actions of a few students at U of M be an example of what can be done when it needs to be done. To them I say, Go Mizzou! Just like your state motto,  you showed us.