megan-photoMegan Hils is a Northern Kentucky native.  She attended NKU and received a Degree in Theatre. (note the spelling…that’s how you know it’s legit). Realizing almost immediately upon graduation that she had most likely made an epic life mistake, she started selling wine. Around that time, she met Jene Galvin and threw away her lucrative wine sales business to work with the one and only Jerry Springer on his Air America talk show. This move was questioned by everyone that loved and cared for her.  An intervention was held by her family and friends, but alas, she sojourned on.  After the show ended, she went back regular work.   After a few years of yelling at truck drivers in the logistics industry, she went to Xavier to get her Master’s in Executive Human Resources and People Development. (all true…can’t make that up). She currently works in the Cincinnati/ Dayton HealthCare Industry advising on Organizational Development. God help her, it’s brought her to this place in her life.  She’s back with Jene and Jerry.  This is really happening!