Here we go again!

Listen to the Jerry Springer Podcast Show

Here we go again!

10 years ago I was given a very unique opportunity. I was asked to quit my job and join Jene Galvin and Jerry Springer on a talk radio program. I said yes. Immediately. For about a year and a half we played radio every day. That part was awesome. I got to use some of my theatre training, and I learned a TON. What wasn’t awesome was the struggle around the show. Every day we would go into hours’ worth of meetings with show stations execs. They brought in consultant after consultant and we were all ripped to shreds (with Jerry taking the brunt of it).

Eventually, it ended.

After our time together, I went on with my normal life. Eventually, I went back to Xavier and got a Master’s. I continued with my professional life and was pretty stinkin content. But there was something missing. That time spent with Jene and Jerry. that time when watching the news and political talk shows was “research”. That time when having an opinion mattered. It was all gone for me. I thought.

Enter Jene Galvin, Jerry Springer…once again.

This time it’s just us. Along with the help of amazing support in the way of production, we are calling the shots. I never in a million years thought this opportunity would present itself again, but I’m so happy it did and in this way.

What you’ll hear is the truth. We laugh at each other. A Lot. We are passionate about Liberal causes. We love music that speaks to a larger picture. And we like to talk. Hopefully, you’ll like listening.
This is a place for me to expand on ideas we cover on the podcast. I’ll get off topic, for sure. There will undoubtedly be questionable language. But it will always be honest. I invite your feedback!