Happy Holidays From a New Podcaster

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Happy Holidays From a New Podcaster

This has been the year of the podcast for me, a fresh venture using a new medium that my co workers still have to explain to me just about every time I show up to record.

Seriously, I have fallen in love with this new wild west of podcasting. It’s the closest connection between the microphone and listener that I’ve experienced yet. And in our first year of doing it, we feel like we’re settling in with the right mix of tomfoolery, serious conversation and music. And how cool is it to be featuring the younger version of folk music that I loved during my college days, even played it in a bar or two back in the day

So this holiday season is special because I’ve gotten to know you all in this unique way. I hope you will keep listening and maybe tell a friend or two about us as well.

Enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends. I hope to get some new jokes as gifts.