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White Supremacist Coast Guard Officer Planned Terrorist Attack – EP 203

We open with the playing of the Elevator Comics commercial.Jerry and Jene describe how we’re now reduced to performing our elevator comic routine with tip jars in the corners of elevators since hotels have all dropped our contracts. But then to add to our misery, while rogue busking in a 5 star in NYC, we got heckled by a woman on one of our elevator rides. While in Jerry’s old neighborhood, Kew Gardens, in Queens, we saw with our wives a commemorative plaque for Rodney Dangerfield, who also grew up there (a friend of Jerry’s). Why is there not one for Jerry? Jene says clearly Jerry might have to pose for the mountain sculptors on the mountain daily as they chisel his face in Rushmore. , Since Maria’s a skilled rock climber, she will be on the rock face with Jerry to calm him with songs and bring him his lunches.Jerry’s rant: Coast Guard, White Supremacy officer planned terrorist attack.Musical guest: Palamara

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Could Trump Still Skate After The Mueller Report? – EP 202

We open with a commercial from the Rock Jerry’s Face group promoting getting his likeness chiseled onto the rock of Mt. Rushmore.

Then Jene explains that the Rock Jerry’s Face movement is getting out of control. Jene, though he isn’t driving this, is figuring out whom to contact at the National Park Service concerning the process for adding the face of another American leader. Jene then reads two emails from listeners, one supporting the cause, another blistering the idea.

Jerry’s still concerned that folks will think they should throw rocks at his face.

Then Jerry offers his take on whether President Trump could somehow still get off the hook once the Mueller Report is released. He’s pretty sure it will be made public, but Trump’s history shows him getting away with a lot of ‘stuff’.

Our musical guest is Palamara…

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