Democratic debate made me proud

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Democratic debate made me proud

We’re Democrats for good reasons. And Tuesday night’s debate put them on display.

Think about it. If all Americans simply listened to what their moms told them in the third grade, things like be kind to others and share, they’d act out the values of the Democratic Party. And those values were articulated by all of the candidates during the CNN Democratic Party presidential debate.

But more importantly, the collective views of the Democratic candidates were finally in stark contrast to what we’ve been hearing during multiple Republican debates where they’ve tripped over each other to degrade immigrants, deify the National Rifle Association and protect the wealth of the one percent. That may resonate with their narrow right wing primary electorate, but it’s out of step with the masses of American voters.

Politics is not like a sport, where you cheer for a jersey regardless of who’s wearing it. It’s more like religion. Principles drive it. And those principles are again being clearly and loudly defined as our debates begin. I will watch them all with pride.