And I know things now, many valuable things…

Listen to the Jerry Springer Podcast Show

And I know things now, many valuable things…

Our first available podcast launched this week!  I’m so pleased with the amount of support (especially from friends and family that reached out). This is an exciting adventure and I love that I get to share it.

So, my thoughts on Episode 1:

U-Lie. This is a dangerous tool. Simply put, a very dangerous tool. Relationships could be destroyed in minutes. Jobs lost in a heartbeat.  Friendships severed in…you get the picture. I am NOT endorsing this destructive piece of technology. I mean, we all have tell white lies from time to time, right?

I also loved Jerry’s Liberals Always Win piece.  This is the heart of what we’re doing.  To get up and say proudly “We are right! America, at it’s core will always be Liberal. And we will champion the Liberal causes and Ideals.”  And I’m so proud to be a part of that group. I’ve thought about this for years and Jerry couldn’t be more right.  It’s who we are as Americans. And its because of this that each generation gets more and more liberal. In my own lifetime, I’ve seen a tremendous shift in attitude, specifically surrounding the LGBT community. I remember being little on the bus, hearing kids call each other “gay”, and “homo”. I was young and I’m sure I participated. What we didn’t put together was that those names were someone’s identity. And we were using them to belittle someone else.

These terms simply aren’t acceptable anymore. The younger generations accept that. You look/ sound old, out of touch and ridiculous using them now. Maybe that’s how youth keeps liberalism alive. Maybe that’s the root of liberalism. Embracing the new ways because we didn’t realize we were hurting people with the old. Making those that cling to those old, outdated and sometimes bigoted ways look silly. I mean,  there’s nothing worse than a teenager’s look of with that look of utter disdain and that eye roll directed at you. I’ve happily pull my fingernails out to avoid that.  Well played kids. Well played. You’re keeping America young and helping us get rid of shallow mindedness. I have no doubts that you’ll find your own groups to marginalize and discriminate against and your kids will think you’re ridiculous. It’s the way of the world. But eventually, hopefully, we’ll run out of things to point out as different and start celebrating our similarities. Ahhh the Liberal dream…

Thanks for listening and reading and please let me know your thoughts!