Republicans Keep Coming Down on the Wrong Side of Racial Sensitivity: EP 311

May 14, 2021

Tonight, we read listener's notes from the suggestion box. Are we in a historical moment where schools, just like in the 1970s (but for a different reason) should desegregate? Can America ever understand charges of institutional racism or the worry that black lives might not matter if we continue to be raised in separate Americas? (The Economic Policy Institute wrote in 2020: “Well over six decades after the Supreme Court declared “separate but equal schools” to be unconstitutional, schools remain heavily segregated by race and ethnicity.) Jerry’s Thought for the week: Republicans keep coming down on the wrong side of racial sensitivity. Musical guest: Casey Campbell of Buffalo Wabs & the Price Hill Hustle https://www.pricehillhustle.com/


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Due to the COVID 19 Virus, we'll be doing our show using Zoom with Jerry, Maria, Jene and David in their respective homes all linked up simultaneously. That show will post several days later. Maria Carrelli, who is not only our co-host but also a touring singer/songwriter, will be our featured musical guest. And Jerry will have some thoughtful comments on our unprecedented national situation. Thank you for listening.

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