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The End Is Near for “Individual 1”: EP 191

Jene answers his phone on the air again being unprofessional again by not turning off his phone. Maria and Jerry properly scold him on the air. He apologizes and then Maria’s phone rings and she takes a call Jene and Jerry complain to her for also not turning off her ringer. Then Jerry, the ultimate professional broadcaster’s phone rings causing Jene and Maria to yell at him. We all wonder if we’re too stupid to do a national podcast.

Jerry’s rant: The end is near for Donald Trump, and for some of us it can’t come soon enough!

Music tonight by our own Casey Campbell. It’s a touching song, ‘The Wrong Side of Right’ whose name someone must have come up with for him. Casey’s not that clever…

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It’s Official: Jerry Has A New TV Show! Ep. 190

It’s official there’s a new T.V. show called Judge Jerry starring the one and only, our very own Jerry Springer!

Jene asks if he could he be the campaign manager for Jerry’s re-election for judge. He suggests some possible re-elect slogans to try to get the job.

Jerry’s Take: What if the President has to appear in court on Judge Jerry?

Musical guest: Rhyan Sinclair

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The White House Took Away a CNN Reporter’s Press Pass – EP 189

Maria’s back, and the boys need to know all about her Mexican trip. Cabo, Tapachula, Oaxaca – who knew Mexico had so many places! If that’s not enough, she was there for Halloween, or what the local folks call ‘Day of the Dead’. Costumes, bands, packed streets, scary faces – these folks know how to have fun!

Secret friend of the show Louis calls in – not because he was supposed to be part of the show but because stupid ‘I’m a broadcast professional’ Jene Galvin forgot to turn off his phone. Jene works the call for a free meal. No surprise there.

Jerry goes off on this week on the White House decision to remove CNN’s Jim Acasta from the press briefings. As Jerry notes, the situation has changed, with Acasta is now allowed back in. Still the tone was set – get tough with Trump and bye bye. At least it’s not working…

Music this week is from musical guest Rhyan Sinclair. We think she may have made it to the ripe old age of 18 now.

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Recent Hate Crimes Have Been Fueled by the Language of Trump, Ep. 188

No Maria once again. Mexico’s win, our loss.

Jene is really excited about the Suburban Blues guy sending us another track. Unlike Jerry, who never curses, Jene never curses either. So, the Suburban Blues has a new track with a name we can’t even mention do to the “F-bombs”.

Jerry’s grandson is 10 years old and quite tall. Jerry offered to pay him $100 when he got to be five feet tall. Had to pay out. Jerry then said I’ll give you $500 when you hit six feet. The reply was not what Jerry expected.

Jerry’s rant this week is on how Trump, whether he wants to acknowledge it or not, is clearly part of the problem with his use of vitriolic language. (You’re welcome for ‘vitriolic’.) “Downright scary that this is America.”

Music this week is by Jamonn Zeiler, a gifted player and guitar fixer (not going to say ‘luthier’, already used a big word).

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The Dems Have Won The House! Ep. 187

No Maria this week. After just a few episodes, she goes running off to Mexico to do some gigs. Never hire musicians. Period.

Ludlow gets friend of the show Julie on city council, continuing its renaissance.

Jene says Jene deserves congratulations. Nothing new here.

And we spend a lot of time discussing the Midterm Elections. What will it mean to Mr. President now that the Democrats have some control with the House of Representatives? What are the prospects for 2020? Why is Ohio still so damn red? Yes, friends, these and other compelling questions are answered by Mr. Springer himself.

Our musical guest is Jamonn Zeiler. Really fun songs and he’s also a luthier (look it up).

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The Saudi Arabian Murder of Journalist Jamal Kashoggi – EP 186

The Internets are blowing up with rumors of Jerry Springer getting a new TV gig. No more tawdry tales of broken promises and broken hearts, this new rumor has Jerry as Judge. That’s right, in the footsteps of Judge Judy and several others, Jerry may be the newest member of the esteemed group known as ‘TV Judges’.

Jerry then recounts his days ‘gigging’ in coffee shops in Cincinnati in the early 70s in a futile attempt to pick up girls.

He then goes off on Saudi Arabia for the hideous murder of Journalist Jamal Kashoggi. As well he should. Journalists are a critical part of conveying information and keeping governments honest.

For music we have the inimitable Michael Jonathan, best known for his ‘Woodsongs’ and Sunday night shows on PBS radio.

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Is the Controversy Around Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court Over? EP 185

Exciting times as we welcome our new co-host, Maria Carelli. Maria is a folk singer songwriter herself, so she fits right in with us. She also has a wonderful temperament, in stark contrast to Jerry and Jene.

We asked Maria Carrelli about her song writing, performing and rock climbing. With Jene’s total lack of success in getting Jerry to do something remarkable, maybe she can get Jerry to start a rock climbing career. Or at least bowling or something.

Jerry’s rant: Is the controversy of Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court over? Hmmm. Hard to imagine what Jerry might have to say about that!

Our musical guest is the fabulous Michael Johnathon, known for PBS show WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour along with his songwriting and playing.

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Why Are People So Pissed Off? EP 184

It’s a sad day here at Tales, Tunes and Tomfoolery. Our dear cohost, Megan Hils, has taken a new position with her daytime job which has created a conflict that makes her unavailable for our podcasts.

Also, we discover that Jerry’s wallet is about 4 times thicker than Jene’s. Looks more like a hoagie than a traditional wallet. Maybe that’s not really that surprising…

Jerry gives his reasons on why folks seem so pissed off these days. Maybe because Wyoming with 600,000 people has two Senators just like California with a population of nearly 40 million. 

Music is by Harold Hensley. Tastety stuff…

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