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Is Trump’s Constantly Evolving Strategy Smart? Ep. 166

Jene reads a listener email about Unlimited Mileage.

Jene talks about how he wishes this could our summer of adventure for the Jerry Springer Podcast.

So he’s scouring the stories of modern adventurers at work this summer, like Jerome, who is riding his bicycle from Montreal, Canada to Tierra del Fuego, in Argentina. We talked to him a few weeks back.

Now he’s learned of Harvey Lewis, a high school teacher from urban Cincinnati who is not hiking but *running* the 2,100 miles of the Appalachian Trail in 45 days, in an effort to set the speed record (it normally takes 6 months). Why aren’t we out there making a mark on history? We talk to Harvey while he’s running down a mountain.

Then Jerry wonders – is it possible that President Trump’s seat-of-his-pants legal strategy is actually smart? Is it tougher to nail him down?

Musical guest: The Coal Cave Hollow Boys

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The 50th Anniversary of RFK’s Death: Ep. 165

Jene reads an email from a listener asking for another performance from The Jerry Springer Trio.

Jene explains how he and his wife were recently at a place called Findlay Market, in Cincinnati, and noticed buskers performing on sidewalks. Why don’t we do that some upcoming weekend?

Then, Jerry reflects on the legacy of Robert Kennedy, who died 50 years ago. Jerry was heavily influenced by Kennedy. After meeting him at a dinner party, Jerry signed on to work for his presidential campaign. What kind of man was RFK, what was his vision, and what should we remember about him?

Musical guest: The Coal Cave Hollow Boys

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Are You Smarter Than Jerry Springer? Ep. 164

Jene proposes a new TV show called, “Are you smarter than Jerry Springer?” Why? Jerry is something of a savant – at least when it comes to US Presidents and Yankees history.

This leads to a suggestion from Jene that they should all play HQ with Jerry at their side to see what happens.

Then, Jerry digs in on the confusion with North Korea this week. As the summit between the US and North Korea becomes more tenuous, what is the stage of the relationship, and what’s next for the two countries – and the world?

Musical guest: Dawg Yawp

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Is It Okay To Cheer For Trump’s Legal Problems? Ep. 163

First: The group talks about the recent royal wedding.

Jene proposes an idea for the three hosts to do to bond. Jene asks Megan as an HR professional, if that’s a thing in companies, to do an outside-the-job activity that brings the team members closer together.

Then Jerry wonders: As his opponents root for the end of the President’s tenure – is it okay, or unpatriotic, to cheer about his legal matters?

Musical guest: Dawg Yawp (who recently appeared on Tiny Desk Concert series)

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Why Move The US Embassy To Jerusalem? Ep. 162

Jene brings in a relic from the Folk Scare of the Sixties.

Speaking of Jene, he gets busted by an audience member for a minor crime.

Then, the group reaches out to Jerome Pilette. He’s somewhere in Mexico on a bicycle headed for the tip of Argentina, “the end of the world.” He’s been riding from Montreal, Canada, on this once-in-a-lifetime journey camping along the trails and roads. And Jene even made his journey a little better along the way…

Then, Jerry gives his take on the potentially disastrous consequences of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and the strangeness of making the move in the first place.

Musical guest: Andrew Adkins

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Will The Trump Era Have A Lasting Effect? Ep. 161

Jene asks Jerry and Megan if they’d support his Go Fund Me effort to raise money to pay for his 30th wedding anniversary. “It’s a big one.”

Jene talks about a run-in he had with the police last week.

Perhaps coincidentally, Jerry and Jene are going into prison next week. (Not like that, to visit!)

Megan and Jene explain to Jerry how they’re making his prized Sarasota home into an AirB&B.

Jerry’s rant: Will the Trump era have a lasting affect on the American culture? How much of this madness can we “undo?”

Musical guest: Short and Company

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Don’t Underestimate Kim Jong Un: Ep. 160

Jene proposes another business, this one having to do with Jerry’s Maserati.

We get a report from Jerry on his progress making arrangements to have Paul McCartney on our show.

Then, Jerry warns Americans (and our president): don’t underestimate Kim Jong Un and the North Koreans. He is not stupid, he is calculating.

Musical guest: Arlo McKinley & David Faul

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Did Macron Troll Trump? Ep. 159

Jene has Jerry and Megan make a commercial, on the spot, for Turbo Chair.

Jerry and Jene have been invited to the Kentucky State Reformatory. It’s a medium/maximum security state prison. Does Jerry plan on visiting, and how do the prisoners view Jerry?

Then Jerry wonders: Did Emmanuel Macron intentionally troll Donald Trump by appearing to be a more capable president than him on his own turf? After Macron’s address to Congress, many Americans noted how surreal of a moment it was when a French President could draw more applause than an American one in the US Capitol Building.

Musical guest: Arlo McKinley & the Lonesome Sound

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