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The Dems Have Won The House! Ep. 187

No Maria this week. After just a few episodes, she goes running off to Mexico to do some gigs. Never hire musicians. Period.

Ludlow gets friend of the show Julie on city council, continuing its renaissance.

Jene says Jene deserves congratulations. Nothing new here.

And we spend a lot of time discussing the Midterm Elections. What will it mean to Mr. President now that the Democrats have some control with the House of Representatives? What are the prospects for 2020? Why is Ohio still so damn red? Yes, friends, these and other compelling questions are answered by Mr. Springer himself.

Our musical guest is Jamonn Zeiler. Really fun songs and he’s also a luthier (look it up).

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The Saudi Arabian Murder of Journalist Jamal Kashoggi – EP 186

The Internets are blowing up with rumors of Jerry Springer getting a new TV gig. No more tawdry tales of broken promises and broken hearts, this new rumor has Jerry as Judge. That’s right, in the footsteps of Judge Judy and several others, Jerry may be the newest member of the esteemed group known as ‘TV Judges’.

Jerry then recounts his days ‘gigging’ in coffee shops in Cincinnati in the early 70s in a futile attempt to pick up girls.

He then goes off on Saudi Arabia for the hideous murder of Journalist Jamal Kashoggi. As well he should. Journalists are a critical part of conveying information and keeping governments honest.

For music we have the inimitable Michael Jonathan, best known for his ‘Woodsongs’ and Sunday night shows on PBS radio.

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Is the Controversy Around Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court Over? EP 185

Exciting times as we welcome our new co-host, Maria Carelli. Maria is a folk singer songwriter herself, so she fits right in with us. She also has a wonderful temperament, in stark contrast to Jerry and Jene.

We asked Maria Carrelli about her song writing, performing and rock climbing. With Jene’s total lack of success in getting Jerry to do something remarkable, maybe she can get Jerry to start a rock climbing career. Or at least bowling or something.

Jerry’s rant: Is the controversy of Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court over? Hmmm. Hard to imagine what Jerry might have to say about that!

Our musical guest is the fabulous Michael Johnathon, known for PBS show WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour along with his songwriting and playing.

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Why Are People So Pissed Off? EP 184

It’s a sad day here at Tales, Tunes and Tomfoolery. Our dear cohost, Megan Hils, has taken a new position with her daytime job which has created a conflict that makes her unavailable for our podcasts.

Also, we discover that Jerry’s wallet is about 4 times thicker than Jene’s. Looks more like a hoagie than a traditional wallet. Maybe that’s not really that surprising…

Jerry gives his reasons on why folks seem so pissed off these days. Maybe because Wyoming with 600,000 people has two Senators just like California with a population of nearly 40 million. 

Music is by Harold Hensley. Tastety stuff…

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Kavanaugh Gets Confirmed: EP 183

For starters, Jerry, shoes and airports. He’s had a good long run.

Gene is still trying to get Jerry to do something ‘remarkable’, like Bryce Carlson, the guy who rowed (yes, in a rowboat) across the Atlantic Ocean in record time. This one’s extra good, and extra easy. All Jerry needs to do is pay some Italians to haul his old ass to the top of El Capitan, the beautiful mountain in Yosemite National Park.

Jerry has some thoughts about our newest Supreme Court Justice, and the process by which he was appointed. They’re not happy thoughts.

Music tonight by Harold Hensley. Big sound for solo artist!

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The Resistance Movement to Trump: Episode 182

From our stable of crazy politicians, this week we have Buddy Wheatly running for State Rep. (I’m a yellow dog Democrat.) 

With the popularity of the ‘Sleep With Me’ podcast and Megan’s lovely voice, she’s thinking of her own new podcast … Go to Sleep With Me – Ramblings to help you fall asleep. Somehow Jerry and Jene had a communication failure.

Could the Rats be coming to Ludlow? After all, it’s a town on the uptick!

In Jerry’s Take, The Resistance Movement against Trump, Jerry compares our current times to those that are historically similar. Trump may not be going away anytime soon, but neither is the Resistance.

Musical guest: Wild Carrot

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The Values of Brett Kavanaugh – EP 181

The Jerry Springer TV show has over 5,000 episodes. I guess they can rerun them until 2030. Jene asks Jerry how many shows his wife Mickey has seen? Not sure if partial episodes count or not…

Regulars  are familiar with Jene’s propensity for, oh let’s say, interesting ideas. Jene’s latest business venture. A place in Ludlow called Stand Strong. This one can’t miss – according to Jene. But it’s too stupid to discuss here.

Jerry goes off on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. What about the truth? What about values?  Plus there’s a constitutional issue. 

And finally, music by Wild Carrot

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Is the Anonymous White House Source Really Part of the Resistance? EP: 180

Megan is ‘lost at sea’ again this week. Speaking of which we were thrilled to have Bryce Carlson on this week’s show.

Bryce Carlson recently set the world record for rowing alone unsupported across the North Atlantic Ocean in 38 days (previous record was 53). That’s right, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a row boat, and did it faster than anyone ever has.

Jerry will interview him about his momentous feat, since we talked to him via satellite phone when he was at the half way point.

Jerry’s rant: The senior white house official who wrote the op-ed story in the New York Times titled, “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.”

Musical guest: Hickory Robot. These guys are just weird enough to be really fun.

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