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Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh: EP 179

A new take on the blues – Jene tells how a unique song writer sent a cut from his first album to our’s “Songwriter’s Stump”. The man is Carlton Ramsey III, a Connecticut stock broker who’s songs tell of the struggles and pain of the wealthy. Jene asks David to play a sample of his album, the album’s title song, The Suburban Blues. Who knew the well off had it so rough? And their language!

Jene notes that he recently had Jerry over for dinner at his home and yet he has never been, ever, ever, to any of Jerry’s six homes around the world. How could any decent man ever do that?

Jerry’s Take: Supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t appear to have specific information on anything he might do as a Supreme Court Justice. It’s either hypothetical or a current case he can’t comment on. How convenient.

Musical guest: Hickory Robot

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The Right’s Diminishing Demographics: Ep 178

In Jene’s never-ending quest to get Jerry to do something ‘remarkable’, he enlisted a pilot friend, Pedro, who flies for Jerry’s buddy Louis.

Jene was encouraged by Pedro last week, who immediately saw the vision in his “help Jerry do something remarkable” project, Unlimited Mileage. He has pledged to join our three member driving team (Jene, Jerry, and Pedro) to travel America for a week, non stop, to pile more miles on a rental than everyone else has ever done or will do.

Jene’s pretty convinced that this exercise in futility will get them in the Guiness Book of World Records. We’re still waiting for thier official stance on rental car mileage records.

Jerry’s Take: The Right’s demographics are getting smaller, but the left has to show up.

Our musical guest: Abby the Spoon Lady

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Trump and the Death of John McCain: Episode 177

Megan who? We welcome Megan back from her travel duties in her day job. Hopefully something will give as we really like having her around to bring some depth and intelligence to the podcast.

Jene describes how on a recent weekend trip to Charlevoix, Michigan with Jerry and another rich friend he learned of Jerry’s daily facial routine. Apparently it takes a lot of effort to get that face.

Jerry’s rant: Jerry talks about the death of Senator John McCain and how Donald Trump has shown again what a class guy he is – just kidding.

And we have the incredible musicians of Abby the Spoon Lady, who by the way also plays the saw. Really.

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Will Trump’s Lawyers Allow Him To Be Interviewed by Mueller? EP 176

In this week’s episide, we talk about how previously interviewed Bryce Carlson set the world record for rowing across the Atlantic, and set the record by two weeks over the next fastest. He’ going to be on our show soon. Foolish or courageous?

Jene asks Jerry to sign an agreement that he will not mock him on the show. Jerry of course refused, as Jene’s favorite pasttime is setting himself up for mockery.

Jene asks Jerry how he’ll survive flying commercial like the rest of us. Jerry doesn’t seem to have worked through that yet.

And Jerry’s Take? Will Trump’s lawyers allow him to be interviewed by special prosecutor Robert Mueller?

Musical guest: John R. Miller. He’s the real deal with his West Virginia roots…

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Are the Republicans Better Off Losing in November? Ep.175

Jene must not trust this show as a source of income. He’s pimping a new ad for Clean Jene’s Buy, Sell, or Trade.

Jene talks with Jerry about helping him sell his plane and other unnecessary possessions, llike his house, car and wife.

Jene then compliments Catfish for the song that he wrote, that’s played by a number of artists, called Lincoln. We ask Cat whether the song is about the money, the car or the president? 

Jerry’s Take: “The best thing that can happen for Republicans is to lose the upcoming mid-term elections.”

Musical guest: John R. Miller

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Did Trump Commit Treason? Ep 174

Remember our interview with Bryce Carlson rowing across the North Atlantic? He’s about to break the record for days it took to cross. Let’s advance the story that we were with him spelling him on the oars the whole time. Let’s put out a news release and start national TV show interviews before he’s even done and can deny our claims in person.

The other day my wife comes into Folk School when I’m not here, gets a coffee and puts it on my tab. Problem is, I don’t have a tab at Folk School. So the owner, Catfish, a member of the Ludlow city council, puts out a warrant on me. Jeez

Jerry’s Take: Did Trump commit treason?

Music by Tim Lancaster. The pride of West Virginia does a nice job of offering us a little Americana music.

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Which Controversy Could Bring Trump Down? Ep. 173

Poor Megan, she hasn’t been able to do the podcast much lately because her paid day job requires her to travel quite a bit. Jene wonders if her priorities are straight. Yes, her HR day job gets her a house and a prosperous life. But with us she gets fame and fulfillment. She needs to come home and get back to work. Let’s call her. We do.

Whispering Beard Folk Festival is coming up in Friendship, Indiana. Some of the finest roots music players and fans in the Midwest take over this little town and fill it with music. People should go. (Us? We’ll be vacationing with the Gatsby crowd in Charlevoix.)

Jerry’s rant: Which controversy could take down Trump?

Musical guest: Tim Lancaster

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If You’re a Racist: Ep 172

Jene laments turning 50 years old as he just celebrated a birthday. Jerry’s sorry he’s 25 years late in offering Jene a ‘Happy Birthday’.

Jene asks Jerry about his vacation. They seem to have different ideas about what a good vacation is. Jene has also discovered a new app where you can track your wife’s whereabouts at any time. Good idea? Jene always has good ideas.

Then Jerry’s Take is whether one should be allowed in certain jobs, like political office, if in fact the person under discussion is clearly a racist. ‘Nough said.

Our music this week is provided by M Ross Perkins, whose psychedelic-tinged roots music is very fun! He can be found at

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