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Jerry’s Take on the Government Shutdown – EP 199

Email from Charlott Fanning, from Laramie, Wyoming, who is starting a group with a crowd funding website to lobby for and pay for adding Jerry’s head to Mount Rushmore.

Jerry recalls his motorcycle days where again, he was special having three wheels instead of just two.

Can we have an official swearing in of Jerry as judge, right here on our show? And since we’re now calling Jerry, Judge Jerry, can Jene be his bailiff on our show? Then what should his new uniform be? Should it be like Fidel’s, more of a “field” look. Or like, say, Saddam’s, with lots of medals and ribbons?

Jerry’s rant: Jerry’s take on the longest government shutdown in history.

Music is by Sarah Dupree, who miraculously played a whole song on one leg when her strap broke just as she was getting started.

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Former Starbucks CEO Considering Presidential Run – EP 198

Jerry’s enjoying his new notoriety as “Judge Jerry”. Sadly, passing out cards at the funeral of Jene’s mother in law might not have been the best decision.

Jene talks with Jerry and Maria about a fantastic new restaurant in Augusta, Kentucky. (There are music possibilities there in association with our podcast.)

Who would like to be the first couple Jerry marries when he becomes a judge? Let’s do it on our show!!! (Surely mediator certification allows you to marry couples.) Maria, would you like to marry someone real soon and have Jerry officiate over your wedding?

Jerry’s rant: Former Starbucks CEO considers presidential run. Because we really need another billionaire to run our country.

Musical guest: Pat Kennedy

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Iowa Congressman Steve King Is a Racist – EP 197

Jerry’s getting batting lessons for his grandson, Richard. Of course, this is no ordinary instructor. The instructor played baseball professionally in the minor leagues for years.

Jene’s excited about a project to digitally map the Ohio River from Marietta to Louisville. There will be cyclists and paddlers involved, and they want to mark landmarks,restaurants,campgrounds and the like, so folks remember what a great resource the Ohio River is for travel. Not a bad idea since we don’t see riverboats these days.

Jerry’s goes off on Iowa Congressman Steve King after his recent remarks about ‘white power’. Is he a racist? Jerry says, ‘Yes, Steve King is a racist’ and explains why his positions are untenable.

Our musical guest is the incredibly talented and our own, Maria Carrelli!

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The FBI is investigating President Trump as a Possible Traitor – EP 196

Jene has a glitter episode, and he’s not happy about it.

Christmas is over, and it couldn’t be soon enough for me, says Jene. Jerry explains how he and his wife determined their daughter’s religion by coaxing her between the Minora and the Christmas tree.

Why don’t we do a Podcast Cruise in Europe that would involve us, several roots music artists and paid cruisers. We could do some shows from the boat with our on-board listeners as audience. Not sure it will ever happen, but the technical crew from Ambient Studios would be thrilled!

Jerry’s rant: The FBI is investigating President Trump as a possible traitor. When will our national nightmare end?

Musical guest: Our own Maria Carrelli with her backup band, but they don’t have a name. They still sound great!

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We Have Elvis Presley on the Podcast! EP. 195

I repeat, we have Elvis on the Podcast! Okay, not true, but we talk up Elvis and his relationship with roots music. And of course Jerry does a pretty mean version of Love Me Tender.

Jene, sorting through the hundreds of emails each week, finds one from Carolyn Stubbing from Portland, Maine. She doesn’t think much of Jene’s plan to get in the Guinness Book of World Records. Of course, neither does Jerry.

Maria’s willing to teach Jerry yoga. In fact, she’s willing to do it while we’re on the air! Only trouble for Jerry is it requires movement.

The Whispering Beard Folk Festival is moving to Cincinnati’s riverfront this year! Very exciting for our Folk School buddies.

Jerry’s Rant is about Impeachment. It seems opinions may be moving, his among them.

Music this week is by the Harmed Brothers. Awesome band…

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What’s The Big Political Story of 2018? – EP 194

Jene injures himself doing heroic acts of strength. Jerry reminds him that anytime somebody works out it has detrimental effects on their body.

Jene then feels compelled to pimp Amazon Prime’s original content and his problem with binge watching tv.

We promote Ludlow’s Cabin Fever Music Festival happening for the second time this winter. Half a dozen venues with life music.

Jerry’s rant: What is the big political story of 2018?

Musical guest: The Duo-Jetts

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Is Trump’s Payoff to Two Women an Impeachable Offence? EP: 193

Jerry is once again a ringmaster, but this time to benefit local children in Ludlow. He was celebrity ringmaster at Bircus, a new Ludlow landmark that features circus acts and beer. Go figure.

Jene suggests we now open each show with Maria saying, “All rise. The honorable Judge Jerry Springer!” Fine if she wants to say it, but it’s hard to see our audience jumping up at the command.

We then wonder if Northwestern Law School is aware that Jerry’s will be using the degree he got there to adjudicate cases on television. Should he receive an award from them as a distinguished alum?

Jerry’s rant: Does Trump’s payoff to two women connect with impeachment?

Music this week is by The Duo-Jetts. Fun sounds.

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On The Southern Border – EP. 192

We’re all excited about Jerry’s new judge gig. He’ll be judicious, but he’ll be the funniest damn judge show ever.

We had some phone issues tonight. First we’ve got Jene getting a call about term life insurance. Not cool for a professional broadcaster. Then, we call “Ask A Lifeguard” to find out about his new venture, only to have a missed call, call back, dead air on the line. Jerry reminds the lifeguard that you actually have to put the phone up to your ear to hear others.

Jerry’s Rant is about our southern border with Mexico, and Trump’s terribly misplaced policies on immigration. he suggests we get to the heart of the problem – the poverty and violence of so many countries in Latin America. Maybe our president will take his advise!

Our musical guest is Ben Knight. This dude has some serious root music coming down…

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