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Did Trump Commit Treason? Ep 174

Remember our interview with Bryce Carlson rowing across the North Atlantic? He’s about to break the record for days it took to cross. Let’s advance the story that we were with him spelling him on the oars the whole time. Let’s put out a news release and start national TV show interviews before he’s even done and can deny our claims in person.

The other day my wife comes into Folk School when I’m not here, gets a coffee and puts it on my tab. Problem is, I don’t have a tab at Folk School. So the owner, Catfish, a member of the Ludlow city council, puts out a warrant on me. Jeez

Jerry’s Take: Did Trump commit treason?

Music by Tim Lancaster. The pride of West Virginia does a nice job of offering us a little Americana music.

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Which Controversy Could Bring Trump Down? Ep. 173

Poor Megan, she hasn’t been able to do the podcast much lately because her paid day job requires her to travel quite a bit. Jene wonders if her priorities are straight. Yes, her HR day job gets her a house and a prosperous life. But with us she gets fame and fulfillment. She needs to come home and get back to work. Let’s call her. We do.

Whispering Beard Folk Festival is coming up in Friendship, Indiana. Some of the finest roots music players and fans in the Midwest take over this little town and fill it with music. People should go. (Us? We’ll be vacationing with the Gatsby crowd in Charlevoix.)

Jerry’s rant: Which controversy could take down Trump?

Musical guest: Tim Lancaster


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