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The Right’s Diminishing Demographics: Ep 178

In Jene’s never-ending quest to get Jerry to do something ‘remarkable’, he enlisted a pilot friend, Pedro, who flies for Jerry’s buddy Louis.

Jene was encouraged by Pedro last week, who immediately saw the vision in his “help Jerry do something remarkable” project, Unlimited Mileage. He has pledged to join our three member driving team (Jene, Jerry, and Pedro) to travel America for a week, non stop, to pile more miles on a rental than everyone else has ever done or will do.

Jene’s pretty convinced that this exercise in futility will get them in the Guiness Book of World Records. We’re still waiting for thier official stance on rental car mileage records.

Jerry’s Take: The Right’s demographics are getting smaller, but the left has to show up.

Our musical guest: Abby the Spoon Lady

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Trump and the Death of John McCain: Episode 177

Megan who? We welcome Megan back from her travel duties in her day job. Hopefully something will give as we really like having her around to bring some depth and intelligence to the podcast.

Jene describes how on a recent weekend trip to Charlevoix, Michigan with Jerry and another rich friend he learned of Jerry’s daily facial routine. Apparently it takes a lot of effort to get that face.

Jerry’s rant: Jerry talks about the death of Senator John McCain and how Donald Trump has shown again what a class guy he is – just kidding.

And we have the incredible musicians of Abby the Spoon Lady, who by the way also plays the saw. Really.

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